chapter  12
On Transitional Justice Entrepreneurs and the Production of Victims
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The main aim of this contribution is to make some tentative remarks on how and what kind of victims are ‘produced’ by the transitional justice industry. More specifi cally this contribution has two central concerns. First, I would like to recast Spivak’s question and ask: can the victim speak? 1 Second, I would like to look at the kind of political subjectivities produced by transitional justice experts. This contribution originates from the premise that, as far as victims are concerned, the ultimate goal of transitional justice processes and interventions is not just to ‘heal,’ compensate, and honour victims’ memories but also ultimately to contribute to the transformation of the political subjectivity of victims in ways that enable them to engage as active citizens, whose capacity to think, to speak, to act, and to revolt is acknowledged and respected.