chapter  14
Security Sector Reform in Africa: A Lost Opportunity to Deconstruct Militarized Masculinities?
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Under the guise of peace building and post-confl ict reconstruction, countries that have been through years of civil war (Liberia, Sierra Leone, DRC, Southern Sudan, Mozambique, Angola, etc.) have committed to reforming the security sector. There are a number of gender researchers and activists (Koen 2006; Meintjes, Turshen, and Pillay 2001; Pillay 2000) who regard post-confl ict reconstruction as an opportunity for African women to advance their status in the public arena. I will explore whether this perceived opportunity is being taken up within security sector reform, particularly in relation to the need to deconstruct, understand, and transform the militarised varieties of masculinity pervasive in post-confl ict situations. Does security sector reform present an opportunity for engagement with these militarised masculinities in a way which would allow for the emergence of an alternative society?