chapter  15
Women Peacekeepers and UNPOL Offi cers in the Fight against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Post-Confl ict Zones
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The fi rst decade of the twenty-fi rst century has seen the rapid development of international law addressing the issue of women, peace, and security (WPS). In 2000, the Security Council (SC) adopted the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UN SCR 1325), which aims to support and increase women’s participation in decision making with regard to peace and security issues. Eight years later, the Security Council adopted the follow-up Resolution 1820 (UN SCR 1820), specifi cally addressing sexual violence in situations of armed confl ict, which, among other things, seeks to expand the role and contribution of women in UN fi eld-based operations, especially among military experts, civilian police, Formed Police Units (FPUs), 2 and human rights and humanitarian personnel. In 2009 and 2010, three additional Security Council Resolutions 3 were adopted to strengthen the policy framework on women, peace, and security.