chapter  1
Jacques Lacan: barred psychologist
Pages 18

There have been a number of recent attempts to repair the lost historical links between psychology and psychoanalysis, and the work of Lacan is increasingly invoked as an alternative analytic tradition that might appeal to psychologists. In some cases there is a reaching across from psychology into Lacan’s work as a resource (e.g. Frosh, 1997), and there are also some attempts to bridge the gap by those more directly involved in Lacanian practice (e.g. Malone and Friedlander, 2000). However, the way the appeal to Lacan functions in this renewed communication between psychoanalysis and psychology is largely through miscommunication. It risks indulging an imaginary misrecognition of what Lacan actually has to say to psychologists concerning the assumptions they make about the human subject and what they do.