chapter  5
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Base Rates, Multiple Indicators, and Comprehensive Forensic Evaluations: Why Sexualized Behavior Still Counts in Assessments of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

ByMark D. Everson, Kathleen Coulborn Faller

First year resident to hospital emergency room patient, a 60-year-old male clutching his chest: “I don’t want to hear any more about your chest pains. Do you have any idea how many men your age come in here complaining

of chest pains? Or how often chest pains are misdiagnosed as heart-related? Chest pains can be caused by a number of benign medical conditions, so the odds are that yours are nothing serious. Besides, your chest pains are what got you admitted to the ER. Statistically speaking, it would be inappropriate for us to give them any weight now in the diagnostic process. So, unless you have other symptoms to report, we’ll be sending you home.”