chapter  2
There Is Nothing As Calming As a Good Theory: How a Soulmate Theory Helps Individuals Experience Less Demand/ Withdraw and Stress
ByRachel M. Reznik, Michael E. Roloff, Courtney Waite Miller
Pages 12

When interpersonal conflicts cannot be resolved they may be repeated. Frequently during serial arguments individuals become locked in repetitive patterns of communication that are deleterious for one’s relationship and well-being (Roloff, 2009) such as the demand/withdraw pattern (Johnson & Roloff, 1998). However, believing one’s serial argument can and eventually will be resolved is negatively related to individuals’ experiencing stress and other mental and physical health problems (Malis & Roloff, 2006a, 2006b). Individuals holding positive relational beliefs are optimistic about their relationships and may be protected against maladaptive sequences. The present research investigates if endorsing positive beliefs about relationships reduces the likelihood of demand/withdraw and thus buffers against the negative impact of serial arguing.