chapter  5
Vulnerable Form and Traumatic Vulnerability: Jon McGregor’s Even the Dogs
Pages 15

The trauma critic Roger Luckhurst has described the phenomenon as a 'memoir boom', while Leigh Gilmore has asserted the 'memoir has become the genre' of the new millennium. According to Gilmore, a limit-case autobiography is a testimonial project that offers original alternatives to the traditional autobiographies so as to make the representation of trauma possible. Karpf's autobiographical work should be placed within the trend of hybrid life-writing narratives written by British-Jewish female. The contradictions produced by the unspeakability of these events and the need to talk about them become more prominent when concerned with the children of Holocaust survivors. The erasure of the limits between literary and non-literary genres and the juxtaposition of individual, familial, and collective traumas in The War After demonstrate that Karpf's personal traumas cannot be addressed in isolation, that she needs to put them in the context of her family, the collective history of the Jewish people, and the previous critical works on the Holocaust.