chapter  11
What did I learn from studying one family?
A narrative inquiry into my family’s cultural and educational experiences in Hong Kong and Toronto
WithLau Chun Kwok
Pages 11

The author inquires into the cultural and educational experiences of his family as he moved in between Hong Kong and Toronto. When he began his doctoral study in Hong Kong, he was introduced to the idea of narrative inquiry as a way of looking into his life experience. The author explores the educational experience of his children in schools and the cultural experience of his family as he explored the larger social landscape. When he first conceived his research proposal, his thinking was filled with grand terms like 'culture' and 'education systems'. Exposure to a new culture led him to examine the values and practices that he carried within himselves as children, parents and teachers. Every practice in a society is interwoven with the social, historical, political and geographical fabric. Experiences of people moving across different social, cultural and political boundaries have been a long-term focus of research in diverse disciplines including economic sociology.