chapter  12
In the minority yet finding a voice
The value of using narrative inquiry in exploring multiple identities in Hong Kong
WithEunice Pui-yu Yim
Pages 14

Narrative inquirers are in the minority in Hong Kong, where traditional empirical research is more highly valued by academics and by funding bodies. This chapter discusses narrative inquiry for a study on multiple identities in Hong Kong via a parent education programme, a vehicle for sharing between parents of diverse backgrounds. The analysis and interpretation of participants' stories or narratives are not considered the products of either the participants or the researcher. The chapter shows how the latter elements were crucial in understanding multiple identities in group settings in Hong Kong. Narrative inquiry was chosen as the methodological approach for her research project on group dynamics in parent education programmes in Hong Kong, because of the cultural nature of parenting studies and the methodological emphasis on contextualization. Group interaction and parenting are said to be social practices that reflect an individual's sociocultural values and beliefs.