chapter  13
Identity and identity education of Hong Kong Chinese people
A narrative self-study of an educator
WithChan Nai Kwok Francis
Pages 15

The author explores his personal experience in two historical events relating to the world-shocking Incident that took place in the People's Republic of China (PRC). The intensity of the emotional commitment shown by the people of Hong Kong suggested that they recognised China as their mother country and wished her success in her modernisation. Author's reconstruct his experience of the collective activism of Hong Kong people, followed by a reflection of its relationship to his identity issue. His autobiographical narrative of the reactions of Hong Kong people Incident aims to help illuminate part of the complexity of the issue of identity of Hong Kong Chinese. The issue of identity of the Hong Kong Chinese was one of the key concerns among scholars during the transitional period. According to some scholars, the Tiananmen Incident brought the Hong Kong people's identity issue to a head, and even to the extent of a crisis.