chapter  3
Embracing new narratives in Singapore
WithRenée Tan
Pages 14

This chapter is framed within the claim that the education of the citizenry, which termed as 'national', 'public' or 'citizen' education throughout, and which is undertaken through a range of means, is a legitimate context and setting for educational research. Public education-type narratives have focused on rosy and affirming portrayals of Singaporeans, with the messages concentrating on that of the inspiring and aspirational. Interest in the area of educational research is growing, especially with the increasing impact of globalization and immigration affecting communities across the globe. Singapore's racial mix has changed greatly in the last decade or so, with globalization and the relaxation of rules regarding 'foreign talent' in the local economy. John Lui, a newspaper journalist, reviewed the film 'Ilo-Ilo', which recently won Singapore's first-ever film award at Cannes and a string of other awards at various Asian film festivals.