chapter  4
Conversations with Bruce Lee
Capturing the richness and complexities of Chinese stories
WithCrystal Cheung
Pages 13

A journey taken by an author, positivist and clinical psychologist, towards becoming a narrative inquirer. She articulates some of the tensions that encounters as a narrative inquirer in Hong Kong. The author then, discusses creative fictionalization, a device that she used to allow her to 'thicken' a participant's stories in her research into lifelong learning in Hong Kong. In the fictionalized conversation, author constructed the interactions in the form of a dream, which represented her understanding of Fan's struggles and the way that he identified with Bruce Lee in his lifelong learning experiences. Fan is a higher education teacher who describes himself as a lifelong learner. Fan's identification with Bruce Lee reflected his insights into his life struggles and his life values. The author also discusses how narrative inquiry has helped her to understand Fan's experiences in a Hong Kong Chinese context.