chapter  5
Creative non-fiction across cultures in Asia Pacific contexts
WithJane Horan
Pages 13

This chapter begins with a short, creative non-fiction vignette, 'In another Country-Singapore', focusing on Ms Ito, a Japanese social entrepreneur. It describes the use of creative non-fiction in writing research and re-telling stories. It also explores creative non-fiction in narrative, these memories resurface: a rainy cafe in Hong Kong, a freezing office in Singapore and a cavernous conference hall in Bangladesh. Creative non-fiction reproducing interviews and re-formatting words into expressive stories brought awareness on many levels and multiple audiences. The chapter examines fictionalised techniques of imaginary interviews, narrative fiction and dream stories. These eclectic, research stories demonstrate the use of fiction in educational research and within multicultural settings. The chapter focuses on story interpretation, an evaluation of the use of fiction and the implications for cross cultural narrative inquiry within the context of the Asia Pacific region. Cross cultural narrative inquiry can disorient, as ambiguities test emotions, intellect and patience.