chapter  6
Riding the wave of education reform
Using a reflecting team to explore the professional identities of school counsellors in Hong Kong
WithMabel Shek
Pages 16

Author begins with explaining the changing context of school counseling in Hong Kong, where professional identities are being shaped and reshaped. She then, discusses the suitability of using narrative inquiry to explore the professional identities of school counselors and reflections on the complexities that encountered in applying this methodology in the local context. Narrative inquiry is a way to engage professionals with an ongoing process of making sense of their professional identity and reflecting on their lived stories in historical, social and cultural contexts. The development of the professional identity of a school counselor begins with counseling training and continues throughout the career life span as a dynamic and interactive process. The author conducted individual interviews with four school counselors to encourage them to relate their experiences from the commencement of their teaching careers to becoming counselors in primary schools. These school counselors recognised that the narrative interviews and reflecting team process (RTP) were valuable spaces to review their professional practice.