chapter  7
Enhancing understanding across generations through sharing personal narratives
WithWai Ming Yu
Pages 15

Author focuses on storytelling used as a relational activity that gathers people to listen to and understand one another. He developed and taught a course called 'Narrative Perspective of Stories in Life' to undergraduate students. The author's curiosity in using stories in academic research started from the first course he did as part of his doctoral journey. The author continued to develop this course and, in recent years, it was opened to students from the Elder Academy in the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd). Since he started his doctoral thesis journey with his supervisor, Professor Michael Connelly, he has been cautious about the possible tensions in using narrative inquiry in the local context of Hong Kong. The author chooses some of the stories individuals shared in the mixed group of elderly and young adults to show their struggles and everyday life experiences. The fisherman's story reported here is taken from a student's second assignment the mini narrative inquiry.