chapter  8
Is the silent mode on?
Researching teachers’ voices in Macao through narrative research
WithSou Kuan, Matilda Wong
Pages 20

This chapter reviews on the two conversations just given attempt to demonstrate parts of the original idea and evolution. It refers teaching work as 'narrative research'. The chapter discusses the use of narrative research to enable voices to be heard. It makes use of various kinds of narrative approaches, such as autobiographical accounts of the authors and collaborative biographical studies with teachers to reveal teachers' voices. The chapter provides a literature review in respect of narrative research and the position. It presents a chronological development of narrative research in the field of education in Macao. The chapter focuses on narrative research as both a possibility and a counter-discourse to achieve and revive teachers' 'authentic' voices. It reveals in what ways and why others are silent and unheard and to create possible means to facilitate the re-emergence of their voices.