chapter  15
Family Engagement in School-based Mental Health
ByEleanor Castine, Sean Flanagan, Kimberly A. S. Howard
Pages 13

Family involvement in schools has been found to support improvements in academic achievement and to facilitate positive socio-emotional outcomes for children and youth in the areas of emotion regulation, social competence, and mental health (Hoagwood et al., 2010). A child’s mental health is inextricably linked to the family, school, and community systems in which she/he is embedded (Hill & Craft, 2003). Thus, creating collaborative partnerships across these systems can increase the efficacy of intervention efforts (Reinke, Splett, Robeson, & Offutt, 2009) and has become a fundamental principle that most school-based mental health professionals (SBMHPs) are encouraged to practice (Quinn & Lee, 2007).