chapter  12
The Tactile Legacy Of Alvar Aalto And Its Relevance To Contemporary Practice
ByKenneth Frampton
Pages 27

The art of architecture should create, safeguard and maintain silence. The language of architecture is the drama of tranquility. Experiencing architecture is not only a matter of appreciating spaces, forms and surfaces, it is also a way of listening to the building's characteristic silence. Through specific architectural silences, people can experience the lifestyles and temporal rhythms of past cultures, and also the experience of the depth of time resides in these magnificent silences. Great architecture is a true art of alchemy: light turns into a liquid and a tactile sensation; gravity turns into a thought; silence into sound; and matter into emotion. While the architecture of form aims at fashionable curiosities, the architecture of essence aspires for the timeless poetic content of life and architecture itself. As a consequence, the architecture of today's "society of spectacle", is increasingly a product of sensationalism.