chapter  17
Juan O’Gorman And The Genesis And Overcoming Of Functionalism In Mexican Modern Architecture
ByJuan Manuel Heredia
Pages 15

Alberto Perez-Gomez was building upon Husserl's reading of the crisis in European sciences, but the necessity for architecture to plead and plead again, that is to put forward a formal answer or objection, is relevant in light of another use of the term crisis. Over the past decades, architectural theorists such as Antoine Picon, Sanford Kwinter and Joan Ockman have considered how an unchallenged technological will rests at the core of the relation between the fluid surface and the petrified depth. Digital architecture is often the motor of production; mass customization, freedom in permutations and apparently limitless possibilities of appropriation frequently characterize the installations. In the choice between "architecture or acceleration" lies a plea to consider anew the strengths of the anachronistic, the quality of durability and the need for some form of historical continuity. Anachronistic also can be architecture's durability, its unchanging form and resulting recognizability.