chapter  18
Architecture Or Acceleration
Position as opposition
ByAnne Bordeleau
Pages 10

Architects should reshape their practices to innovate because global society demands nothing less. From Michael Speaks' various writings one can surmise that information dredged up out of the chatter can inform the boundaries of inventory, analysis, who participates, types of practices, ideas, visualizations, feedback loops, and the shaping of design innovation to name a few instances. The specifics of how innovation happens are not as important as the underlying ideology and its implications for architects. Some neighborhoods, like Belleville, Paris, have embraced graffiti to cultivate a social and economic scene, instead of attempting to employ another graffiti fighting innovation. Creating meaningful innovation is similar to love. "Genuine innovation", as Alberto Perez-Gomez suggests, "requires a wide-ranging hermeneutic of the discipline (a historical understanding of form, program, and intentionality) that provides the architect with an appropriate language to verbalize a position".