chapter  1
An Introduction to the “Warring with Words” Project
Pages 50

Warring with Words was originally a symposium held at Claremont Graduate University in March 2012. Eminent journalist and media professor Mark Danner was invited to participate, but a research trip to Athens to investigate the Greek financial crisis precluded his attendance. This chapter presents a conversation between Michael Hanne and Mark Danner. The narrative faculty is extraordinary in the sense that we can build into a story, which can include character, events, sequence, social and physical context, motivation, causality and so on. At one time or another the writer of fact-based texts finds himself using many, many, perhaps most, of the techniques of the fiction writer, in order to convey a vivid impression of place, to construct and maintain narrative suspense, to make clear the causal joints of narrative, to sketch and color in pictures that compel and affect the reader.