Book I. Introduction: The Politics of Abolition Revisited
Pages 42

The fundamental idea behind organization from below is, of course, that when you stand together and act in a coordinated way, your struggle against coercion becomes more effective. In other words, what we are talking about is counter-organization. However, there are several possible diversionary manoeuvres that may be used by those in power when they confront a tendency towards counter-organization among the expelled. The philosophy of individual treatment constitutes a firmly established part of the general view that the expelled are in need of care. However, this philosophy does not reign alone. Gradually, modern ideas of 'group treatment' and 'therapeutic community' have also become important. A natural result of the contribution would be that the group in question would, through the transition to organization on this basis, at the same time cease to be a counter-organization, and to a large extent become a positive organization supporting the system which originally was to be fought.