chapter  II
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3 On Politics, Policies, and Professionalization

This chapter examines the notion of the unfinished cosmopolitan as a strategy within a liberal governmental regime, following the works of Popkewitz and others, while opening it up by exposing the ways in which it embodies possibilities for a different understanding of democracy, education, and democratic education. The chapter delves into the understanding of the production of the unfinished cosmopolitan as a governmental technology as advanced by Popkewitz and collaborators, through a brief examination of cosmopolitanism as entangled with the ethos of the Enlightenment. Then it moves to explore different understandings of democracy as an unfinished social order, which leads to contrasting this framework to schooling's mission of planning for uncertainty. The goal will be to conclude the chapter by opening up the possibilities of complementing studies of liberal governmentalities with a political philosophy centered on equality, thus rethinking the role of thought in political action while dislodging the idea that this would require providing a strong normative framework.