chapter  7
Researching within and for a rural community: research journey
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Whilst working as a community based teacher in a rural area of Southwest England, I became aware of a group of young people from one particular isolated local community who appeared to be disconnecting from their secondary school. It was clear that once separated from school, the young people became disconnected from more than just the institution, with its collected resources and services; they also became disconnected from their wider community of peers. I recognised an insatiable desire (Deleuze, 1997 ) for a greater understanding of the situation I had been observing which appeared to be leading to exclusion from school and injustice for a group of young people I cared about. As a result of these experiences, I began my doctoral study research, which was driven by a desire to develop an understanding of the way young people in rural areas like this make connections (or not) with school and begin to develop understandings of how schools can be better serve their students. The research was a critical engagement with social justice and set out to investigate how injustices and inequalities are produced, reproduced and sustained in schools, particularly in rural contexts. This chapter records my journey through the research, engaging with the complexities of living, working, researching and reporting research in a rural place.