chapter  8
A conversation about research as risky business: making visible the invisible in rural research locations
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Doing research in rural locations can present researchers with exciting possibilities, but also with challenges. In this chapter, we discuss some of our own experiences and refl ect on the implications for researchers when preparing themselves for conducting research in rural communities. Specifi cally, this chapter foregrounds ethical and methodological issues faced by researchers working in these diverse locations and suggests tools that rural researchers may fi nd useful. We present a conversation where we talk together (Sherilyn as a recently graduated doctoral student; Robyn as her doctoral supervisor) about some of our considerations when undertaking research in rural communities. Both of our projects investigated educational issues in our respective communities, and in many discussions during Sherilyn’s candidature it became apparent that there were similarities, not only in the nature of our research in and about rural areas but also in the challenges that we experienced.