chapter  11
“Standing in the question”
Teaching a critical perspective to developing sport psychology consultants
WithLeslee A. Fisher, Alicia J. Johnson
Pages 17

This chapter addresses how to engage graduate students in one Southeastern United States University in/with sociocultural difference and the development of a critical perspective about sport and sport psychology practice. It explores the educational activities as the primary resistance strategy used in the class. Standing in the question itself can serve as the beginning of the development of a critical consciousness related to sport issues. The chapter examines the experiences of girls and women in America from a psycho-socio-cultural perspective with a particular emphasis on the constructs of gender, race, class, and sexuality and how these constructs both independently and collectively mediate the female sport experience. It is evident from the selectively reviewed course material taken from one Women, Sport, and Culture class and the experiences that racism, sexism, homophobia, and so on exist within sport contexts, and that these are often ignored or unexplored due to 'taken for granted' dominant norms and understandings within sport.