chapter  13
Confessions of the disc
A Foucauldian analysis of ethics within Ultimate Frisbee
WithHamish Crocket
Pages 12

This chapter outlines the critical psychological approach for understanding ethical subjectivities within Ultimate's subculture. The Foucauldian approach the author has advocated moves away from universalized conceptions toward a contextualized examination of subjectivity and ethical self-creation. This contextualization allows for consideration of both online and off-line aspects of Ultimate's subculture in the production of ethical subjectivities. This is significant because sport psychology has paid little attention to ethical subjectivities. Importantly, this subcultural approach has shown that ethics within Ultimate is not limited to on-field behaviors; instead, it is reproduced throughout different facets of the subculture. However, it offers only a brief introduction to ethical subjectivities; it is worth considering some possibilities for further research. Ultimate, two fledgling professional leagues, Major League Ultimate and American Ultimate Disc League, have recently emerged. Both leagues have implemented significant rule changes, introducing referees and replacing Spirit of the Game with alternative versions of fair play.