chapter  14
Continuing the dialogue on criticality and subculture in sport and physical activity
WithRobert J. Schinke, Kerry R. McGannon
Pages 11

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts of the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of the book. This book encourages others, as it did us, to look beyond earlier and current writings within the cultural sport psychology (CSP) topics that are critical however defined. It turns each topic might be considered within its own cultural underpinnings and multiple way of knowing and understanding. Building upon earlier work about cultural praxis through understandings of sport politics, feminism, reflexivity and post-structuralism, race marginalization, and broader discussions about the omission of culture. The book invites colleagues to view CSP as a positive and emerging subculture within the larger discipline of sport and exercise psychology. Subculture of CSP as one that the author are fluidly recreating to open up opportunities for more candid discussions about topics and emerging concerns related to culture, social justice, and diversity that will affect all and the sport and physical activity participants with whom participants work.