chapter  6
Ultraempowering women
A feminist analysis of the ultramarathoning culture
WithCindra S. Kamphoff, Kelsey Timm
Pages 15

This chapter examines the culture of ultramarathoning using a feminist standpoint approach to understand women's experiences from their perspective or standpoint, place women's experiences at the center, and highlight women's experiences that are often overlooked. The chapter starts with a description of the feminist standpoint approach used to guide this chapter. Then it describes the women's experiences in ultramarathoning while providing a critical analysis of their experiences. Using a feminist standpoint approach, the chapter focuses on four aspects of ultramarathons: why women participate in ultramarathons; ultraempowering for women; pain, discomfort, and pushing the body; and a supportive community for women. Advance the research in ultramarathons area, authors should interview women about their frustrations and the ways in which the ultra-community may not be empowering for women. Furthermore, additional research should critically examine ultramarathoning beyond applying the feminist standpoint approach.