chapter  7
Disability, sport, and impaired bodies
A critical approach
WithBrett Smith, Marie-Josee Perrier
Pages 12

There is a growing amount of sport psychological research that examines disability and sport. It is, however, extremely rare that this work explicitly adopts and promotes a critical approach. This chapter addresses this absence by first connecting sport psychology with Critical disability studies (CDS) and, second, by highlighting the potential of the Social Relational Model (SRM) for developing a critical study of the Psychology of Disability, sport, and physical activity. The chapter concludes with a series of future directions for continued critical work on the topic of disability, sport, and physical activity. Sport psychological research on disability, either knowingly or unknowingly, has often been framed by a medical model understanding of disabled people. The chapter encourages the sport psychologists not just to think more critically about and with disability, but also to cross into other fields and consider, with a critical reflexive attitude, connecting with various ideas that can expand how people understand disability sport.