chapter  8
A few good men
Male athlete eating disorders, medical supremacy and the silencing of a sporting minority
WithAnthony Papathomas
Pages 14

This chapter explores the potential reasons as to why male athlete eating disorders are a neglected area of study. The chapter discusses the possible consequences of this neglect for sport psychologists, coaches and the athletes themselves. Ultimately, It argues that a 'few men' is 'enough men' when it comes to a rationale for a more concerted research focus in this area. It is a rationale that is strengthened when the chapter considers that the 'few men' may actually be more than male athletes think. The chapter discusses the why such a rigid medical scientific stance can be hugely problematic, before arguing the case for alternative forms of research. For males, risk-factor studies may even intensify the stigma and shame experienced, the subtext being that this 'female disease' is the result of their own personal weaknesses. Given the cultural discourses that construct eating disorders as female and view women as inferior.