chapter  6
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Race, culture and mental health care for refugees


This chapter describes some of the distinctive features of the Canadian context to show how attention to issues of migration, racialization and marginalization has influenced approaches to diversity in psychiatry and mental health. The work of Suman Fernando has been an inspiration for many in Canada striving to address a long and complex legacy of social exclusion, marginalization and institutionalized racism and discrimination in psychiatry and health services. Fernando has done much to draw attention to the importance of racialized identities for psychiatry. Much of the discussion of racism in psychiatry has been driven by the scenarios in the United Kingdom and United States, both of which differ in important ways from Canada. Canada was the first country to have an official policy of multiculturalism. In Canada, the approach to diversity in mental health policy and practice reflects the history of two "founding peoples", official bilingualism and policies of multiculturalism.