chapter  11
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Race equality and cultural capability training in mental health


The author interviewed Dr. Suman Fernando, a long-time friend and colleague. In the spring of 2012, the author arrived in the United Kingdom from Toronto and made his way along a quiet street in north-west London towards an old Victorian house; the home of Suman and his wife Frances. Suman Fernando expresses that he have been always interested in people's cultures and their backgrounds. Although from a Christian Sri Lankan Sinhalese background the family was not religious. His father was a doctor but also a politician of a somewhat left-wing party - a sort of armchair left-winger. He grew up in a very class-conscious society, but multicultural. Once he qualified as a doctor, he found that he did not like surgery or medicine very much. Therefore while working in east London doing clinics at the London Jewish Hospital he got interested in research into 'culture' and mental health.