chapter  13
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An anti- racism and anti- oppression framework in mental health practice


Suman Fernando's influence on the author's academic and clinical career has been considerable; and the author delighted to have the opportunity to acknowledge how this came to be. As the Transcultural Psychiatry Society (TCPS) took shape and established itself as a foremost body highlighting issues of culture and 'race' in British mental health services, the author was fortunate to be its first secretary; and when Aggrey Burke was elected chair in 1984, Suman succeeded him. There are several possible explanations: Nevertheless, despite the developments described above, the Transcultural Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association has continued to flourish and facilitated the establishment of a World Association of Transcultural Psychiatry. The Transcultural Psychiatry Society (UK) (TCPS) led increasingly by service users and by an inclusive multi-disciplinary team, continued with its work of public advocacy until 2008 when it was, formally and by consent, disbanded.