chapter  14
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Developing mental health services: the myth of ‘global’ mental health


The author talks about Dr. Suman Fernando's key tenets and describes how these tenets influenced his work developing a successful outreach program within a university counseling service in the United States. He first met Dr. Suman Fernando in 1999 while working in community mental health in Leeds, UK. At that time, the author was supervising young clinicians who were providing counseling to men and women from the Black British, Pakistani and Indian communities. A few months later he left the United Kingdom and returned to the United States, with his colleague in Leeds continuing the work they had begun. The author focuses briefly on the application of three of the key tenets from Suman's seminal work, Mental Health, Race and Culture, these being: the need to reduce the medicalization of mental health services; the need to allow individuals a voice in their care and the need to become change agents for social justice.