chapter  16
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Culture, race and ethnicity in US psychiatry


The author met Suman Fernando in the early 1980s under the aegis of the Transcultural Psychiatry Society and was suitably impressed with his discourse on psychiatry, mental health and mental illness for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Britain. The formation of the 'Race' and Culture Special Interest Group in 1981 came about after a national conference organised by the Transcultural Psychiatry Society chaired by Suman Fernando, who highlighted the deficiencies that existed in the psychiatric and psychological services within the mainstream mental health sector. In keeping with Suman's thinking about medical/psychiatric training the author felt we need to alert the academicians as to what is thought about, what is studied, what is taught and how it is taught and to review the primary functions of Western social research and theory within the dominance of white European culture and to reexamine the issues of 'race', culture and ethnicity.