chapter  9
Relationships That Hurt: Escaping Domestic Violence
ByWith Tricia Harmon
Pages 22

Jadine is an African-American mother who had her first daughter when she was 16 years old. Her child’s father was 10 years older. He made her feel grown up. Pregnant again at 19, she describes the episode that made her leave this violent relationship, fearing for her life:

so I was pregnant with twins. He actually beat me so bad that his whole white shirt was covered with my blood. So I pulled a knife out on him, don’t you know he took that knife and put it to my throat and said, “Bitch, don’t you ever pull a knife out on me.” So I actually seen the look on his face that he would kill me and that’s how the man could get rid of them twins and get away from ’em. That’s one reason why I took off. And you know, when you’re a battered woman, you’re a battered woman. But I was a battered teenager, I was young trying to be grown and look what I got myself into.