chapter  8
A Flashback
ByFrederick Terna
Pages 3

The author never saw the horrors of September 11. His actions on September 11 were guided by the simple and profound need. The author works in downtown Washington at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) where he manage the civil rights program for agency's Office of Equal Rights and develop various projects to advance emergency preparedness for people with disabilities. A little after 9:00 am on September 11, the author was in his/her office, attempting to master a new piece of assistive technology with the help of one of the secretaries. The author have no argument with those who chose not to fly in the weeks after September 11, but one element of everyday courage is prudent risk assessment. The author has a dear friend whom he/she thought was at home that September 11 on leave from the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM).