chapter  44
Reflections on Volunteer Self-Care at the Site
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The author is a native New Yorker; her husband is an Australian who had lived in New York since 1986. They have one child, his daughter who will turn fourteen years old on September 22, 2005. She wrote this poem in January 2002 when she returned to work. Dorry Tompsett Walking downtown trying so hard not to look at The Empty Space, the immense immeasurable hole in the sky the hole in her heart, his life The place where there is too much lightbut no life shadows made only by sadness The place where his love, his life, his forever went for a few hours but stayed forever The Empty Space made by hate filled with lossa forever reminder. His husband, Stephen Kevin Tompsett, was killed in the World Trade Center while attending the Risk Waters Technology Conference at Windows on the World. He was thirty-nine years old.