chapter  47
Eleven Weeks—The Demanding Times
ByRobert L. Dingman
Pages 5

Pier 94 was huge. To the left, one found various Red Cross services and, most important, the responders' food-service area. To the right, one could find interpreters to assist the many non-English-speaking visitors. The service providers or responders New York's finest were all victimized themselves by the destruction in their city, by the loss of their sisters and brothers in uniform, and possibly by additional losses of kin in the attacks, all working to save their city and its people. More cultures and more diversity were present than one could ever imagine. Recalling diversity strategies relevant to persons from a specific culture, stratum of society, or sexual preference was irrelevant and almost irreverent. In many cases, God was all these people had left in the world. Whether they were religious or not, they turned to their God in search of strength, support, and answers.