chapter  51
We Can Never Fix It
ByMona Lisa Martin
Pages 3

The New York Disaster Counseling Coalition (NYDCC), an organization whose mission is to address the otherwise unmet mental and behavioral health needs of first responders and their families, was launched by a small group of New York City-based psychoanalytic psychotherapists. The NYDCC model for disaster mental health interventions centers on mobilizing volunteer state-licensed mental health professionals to provide mental health education, resilience-building targeted programming, and no-cost treatment. In the NYDCC model, the judgment and courage of first responders are viewed as crucial resources in disaster response resources without which all our high-tech tools are rendered nothing more than ineffective toys. NYDCC has sought out people of diverse backgrounds by reaching out to organizations such as the Emerald Society, Latino Officers Association, Italian American Police Association, Fire Flag, and the Gay Officers Action League. NYDCC's volunteers also use Internet-based communications to connect with other potential volunteers.