chapter  61
With the Other in Mind: On the Ground with the NYDCC
ByTodd Essig
Pages 8

On September 11, 2002, people gathered well before dawn at Ground Zero. Throughout the morning, the crowd of mourners swelled as the doleful music of bagpipes filled the humid air. Inside the tight ring of security, families held up portraits of their lost loved ones, while others clutched flowers or American flags. At 8:46, the moment the first plane struck the World Trade Center a year before, silence fell over the thousands gathered, broken only by the warm wind and sounds of muffled cries. They first met Diane at the family memorial service held on October 28, 2001, with Jake and Jessie, two of the three trained therapy dogs that were helping comfort grieving people at the service. Karen told Diane that we were looking for a third dog and tearfully asked her if it would be okay if we named our next dog Matthew, after her son.