chapter  66
When the Third Party in the Room is Pain
ByTzivia Ross Reiter
Pages 2

In the Holocaust group I work with, the author watched a survivor relish a performance by Jewish schoolchildren singing uplifting Hanukah songs, only to have a terrifying flashback of the moment his ten-year-old brother was murdered by the Nazis in his presence. For Holocaust survivors, the impact of September 11 is indescribable. For Holocaust survivors, the ruthless acts on 9/11 not only conjured up memories of past horrors but also brought survivors back to a place of terror, fear, and helplessness. In a global atmosphere many Holocaust survivors, recalls prewar sentiments, as well as a national mood of doubt, survivors need extra individual and group support to help them deal with daily stresses. Golda described the intense flashback she had while riding the Long Island Railroad after the attack. She joined our Holocaust support group and is learning skills to help her deal with her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.