chapter  76
Rebuilding Broken Lives: Holocaust Survivors Relive Terror
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In August 2004, as the third year after 9/11 drew to a close, mental health professionals of the Jewish Health, Healing, and Recovery Network in New York met to discuss the work in light of that tragedy. In the second year after 9/11, our group began to welcome special guests to certain meetings. In the third year after 9/11, the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) process was a major transition and challenge. Weaving in and out of the third year was disgust at politicians' use of 9/11 for war, for electioneering, and for budgets, and a sense that governmental hearings were not going to uncover the truth about the past, let alone result in any changes for the future. Though governmental funding sources for 9/11 support services have, in great measure, dried up, the needs of survivors have absolutely not evaporated.