chapter  79
Stuck in the Middle: Care Management After 9/11
ByRoy Laird Ellen Stoller
Pages 3

Project Liberty is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-funded Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP) that was put into place by the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH) in response to the September 11 World Trade Center disaster. The number of deaths, the scope of the destruction, and that the terrorist attacks were intentional shattered the concept of safety in the immediate communities as well as the rest of the nation. This chapter outlines the lessons learned by Project Liberty in the hope of informing future planning. A structured planning program would help prepare communities to address some of the issues we had to contend with prior to a disaster's occurrence. The NYSOMH along with the city and county local governmental units (LGUs) had to develop a whole new disaster mental health infrastructure from scratch, while at the same time responding effectively and efficiently to the disaster.