chapter  84
School-Based Disaster Counseling: Program Planning Lessons Learned After September 11 in New York City
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This chapter discusses a lovely class of twenty kindergartners at Borton Primary Magnet School. Kindergarten always begins with adjustments for everyone, including adjusting to a new school, routines, and people. It also discusses a full-day kindergarten program in a public school that is a court-ordered, voluntary, desegregated, magnet, primary school. Play is the mode of learning. Building and playing with unit blocks are important parts of every day. Owen had built structures that resembled the World Trade Center towers. This pattern of building the towers, not talking about them, and not knocking them down continued for a week or so. The children were also reluctant to draw their buildings. During the next week each child was given the task of building a tower, sketching it and either labeling it or telling a story about it. The structures came down each day so that the next group would have an open space to build its towers.