chapter  85
Integrating the Personal and Professional After Traumatic Loss
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This chapter discusses two issues specific to terrorism in this electronic era: how the media may propagate and perpetuate the experience of terrorism, and how the Internet may be used to assess and address its effects. The terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 met all these criteria. Kaplan observed that acts of terrorism are intended to create a fearful state of mind in an audience far larger than the immediate victims. The chapter discusses that the laboratory exposure to terrorism-related television clips engendered fear in viewers. In addition, many reported fears of both future terrorism and harm to their families, even six months after the attacks. Thus, extensive and repetitive exposure to media coverage of a terrorism event can create a large and fearful audience. The Internet has seen a number of terrorism-related uses, for ill or for good, prior to and following 9/11/01. It is clear that there is a need to manage the impact of terrorism in an electronic era.