chapter  1
Journals of the Century in Social Work
ByJames W. Williams
Pages 10

Journals devoted to visual arts have a broad readership, including art historians, artists, museum and gallery-goers, art librarians, art dealers, curators, hobbyists, students, and the interested public. Art museum bulletins typically review objects in their own collections, publish results of scholarly research by curators from the museum or other experts, and present news of museum activities. European museums have a much older history and their collections were acquired over a longer period of time than museums in the United States. Studies in Iconography is a scholarly journal that focuses on the literary and pictorial uses of iconography in art and literature. Another is the society journal Sculpture Review. It has along and distinguished history, and is devoted to figurative sculpture in the United States. Another excellent journal is Architectura, Zeitschrift fur Geschichte der Baukunst Journal of the History of Architecture an important, scholarly, German journal of architectural history produced by leading historians in the field.