chapter  2
Journals of the Century in Education
ByNancy Patricia O’Brien
Pages 9

Anthropology in the US was shaped intellectually by the fact that much early research was focused on Native Americans: Past populations were linked to living peoples, whose languages needed to be learned so that people could be interviewed and oral texts recorded. Anthropology also has achieved a general popularity, primarily through coverage in journals like national geographic. Physical anthropology grew up as a subfield devoted to the comparative study of human populations. In 2000, the electronic version of the American Journal of Archaeology made its appearance; by 2001, subscribers may choose to subscribe to a fully online version. The American schools of oriental research (ASOR) was founded in 1900 to enable properly qualified persons to pursue biblical, linguistic, archaeological, historical, and other kindred studies and researches under more favorable conditions than can be secured at a distance from the Holy Land.