chapter  3
Journals of the Century in Psychology
ByDaniel E. Burgard
Pages 16

Feminist philosophy can draw on all or most of the disciplines listed above but for its own autonomous purposes. Philosophical Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy. This journal addresses all facets of ancient philosophy and carries articles by leading philosophers and classicists. Its editorial board contains some of the most prominent philosophers of the period, among them Martha Nussbaum and Jonathan Barnes. Philosophical behaviorism is a semantic thesis about the meaning of mentalistic expressions. Statements containing mentalistic expressions have the same meaning as, and are thus translatable into, some set of publicly verifiable statements describing behavioral and bodily processes and dispositions. The philosophical study of natural language and its workings, particularly of linguistic meaning and the use of language. Psychological and sociological trends in language are other areas of concern. Philosophy of Science: Official Journal of the Philosophy of Science Association.